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How to Play Monopoly On a Roll™

  • Introduction
  • Quick Start
  • How To Bet
  • How To Play
  • How To Play Faster (Turbo)
  • How To Change Game Piece
  • Special Features
  • Rules
  • Additional Information


    Monopoly On a Roll™ offers all the fun of the world-famous board game with multiple chances to win real money. Place your bets on your favourite properties and roll the dice. If you land on a spot you have bet on, you win! You can play it safe or go for bigger payouts-- its up to you.

    This game is jam packed with bonuses. Roll doubles and throw again, and you can accumulate big payouts as you go. Roll doubles three times in a row, and go straight to the Get Out Of Jail Bonus where you can win up to 5x all of your bets on the board. Likewise, if you land on Free Parking you could win up to 3x all of your bets on the board. Land on GO and you will instantly win 3x all of your bets. Pass GO and all property payouts double. And finally, land on Chance to be transported to another spot on the board.

    All the way through, Mr. Monopoly is on your side guiding you through the game, so let the good times roll!

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    Quick Start
    • Select a Monopoly Money note (just below the game board), then click each property you wish to bet upon.
    • Click ROLL. The total of the dice roll then provides the number of steps that your game piece moves, moving onto GO as the first step.
    • If the game piece lands on a property you have placed a bet on, you win!
    • If you roll a double (the same number on each die), then you get to roll again and continue from where your game piece had landed on the previous roll.
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    How To Bet

    To bet, begin by selecting a Monopoly Money note at the bottom of the Monopoly Board. Each Monopoly Money note represents a number of credits in the denomination that you selected when you launched the game. You can change the denomination at any time by clicking on the "Change Denomination" button in the right hand games console.

    After you have selected a Monopoly Money note, you may place bets on the game board. The award multiplier for each bet is listed on the game board. The more difficult a given outcome is to achieve, the higher the award multiplier for successfully doing so.

    To place a bet, click the chosen bet spot. Each click adds another Monopoly Money note of the selected value to the stack. The total bet on that spot is displayed next to the bet stack.

    You can place as many bets as you wish. You can bet on individual properties and you can also bet on colour groups, which span two or three adjacent properties of the same colour (see Colour Group Bets below). The pay table lists the bet limit that defines the largest bet that can be placed on any one spot.

    To remove a bet from a spot, press the SHIFT key on the keyboard whilst clicking the bet to be removed. If you want to remove all bets from the board, click the CLEAR button.

    If you wish to repeat your last bets after completing a game, and have sufficient credits to do so, click the REBET button. This places all the bets you made on the previous dice roll on the Monopoly Board again. If you want to, you can then adjust any bet. You still need to click the ROLL button to start the game.

    The DOUBLE BET button doubles your current bets every time you click it. The DOUBLE BET button will not be available if you do not have sufficient credits or if doubling your current bets would cause a bet limit to be exceeded. If you click the DOUBLE BET button when no bet is yet placed, this is equivalent to first clicking the REBET button and then the DOUBLE BET button and will place bets twice as large as your previous bets. You still need to click the ROLL button to start the game.

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    How To Play

    Place bets on specific properties and colour groups and click the ROLL button to start the game. The small numbered dice symbols that appear on some spots indicate what dice value is needed to reach that spot. For your first roll in a game, your game piece starts off the board, so your first step is onto the GO spot, with subsequent steps proceeding clockwise.

    If your game piece lands on a property that is covered by a property bet or colour group bet, you will be paid according to the award multiplier and bet size for that spot. (A colour group bet is a bet spanning multiple adjacent properties of the same colour-- see Colour Group Bets below.)

    If your game piece lands on a property covered by both a property bet and a colour group bet, you win on both of these bets.

    If your dice roll has the same number on each die, this is known as rolling doubles. If you roll doubles, you will be able to roll again, with your game piece starting from where it last landed.

    If you roll doubles three times in the same game, however, you go straight to the Get Out of Jail Bonus (see Get Out of Jail Bonus below).

    When rolling again, awards you collect along the way are cumulative and add to your total winnings. This also applies to any of the bonus pays described below.

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    How To Play Faster (Turbo)

    The TURBO button quickens the pace of play. The dice roll will resolve faster and the game piece will move straight to its destination without hopping at each step in between. Turbo does not change the method of play, the rules of the game or the odds of winning. When Turbo is on, the button is highlighted in red. You can turn the Turbo feature on or off by clicking the TURBO button.

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    How to Change Game Piece

    You can change your game piece before the start of any game. Click on your game piece to display a menu of all the available game pieces. Click one of these game pieces to return to the game with this as your new game piece.

    You cannot change your game piece whilst a game is in progress.

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    Special Features

    Colour Group Bets
    You can place bets that will pay you every time the game piece lands on property of the colour group you selected:

    Colour Group Bet Corresponding Properties
    Any Orange Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street
    Any Red Strand, Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square
    Any Blue Mayfair, Park Lane

    If your game piece lands on Chance, your game piece will advance to another spot on the board, selected completely at random.

    Get Out of Jail Bonus
    You earn the Get Out of Jail Bonus either by having your game piece stop on the Go To Jail spot or by throwing doubles three times in the same game.

    If you wind up in the Get Out of Jail Bonus, you have three chances to break out and will be well rewarded for doing so. If you are able to roll doubles (same value on each die) within three tries, you will win an award based upon your total bets. The earlier the successful doubles roll, the more you win: 5x your total bets for the first roll, 3x for the second roll and 2x for the third roll. Upon rolling doubles or after your third roll, the bonus and the game are completed.

    Any awards you may have won before entering the Get Out of Jail Bonus are paid whether of not you are able to break out of jail.

    Free Parking Bonus
    If your game piece stops on the Free Parking spot, you will be all the richer for it. The parking meter will randomly select a money award based upon your total bets. The lowest Free Parking Bonus awards are a fraction of your total bets while the highest award is 3x your total bets.

    GO Bonus
    If your game piece stops on the GO spot, you instantly win 3x your total bets. Easy money!

    Special 2x Pays
    If your game piece passes GO after traversing the board, any subsequent winning property and colour group bets will be paid at twice the stated award multiplier value. When a bet spot is thusly eligible, it will be marked with a 2x marker. Special 2x pays do not apply to the bonus awards listed above.

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    Malfunction voids all pays and play.

    Awards are shown in credits.

    Each die outcome is completely random and independent. It is not affected by the other die value, prior dice values, bets or board position.

    On the first dice throw, the counting for the movement of your game piece starts with the game piece moving to the GO spot as the first step and proceeds clockwise thereafter.

    If you land on Chance, your game piece advances to another randomly-selected spot, each spot being equally likely to be chosen.

    If you roll doubles (same value on each die) on your first or second roll of the same game, you get to roll again, your game piece moving from where is last stopped.

    If you roll doubles on your third roll in the same game, you go straight to the Get Out of Jail Bonus.

    Special 2x pays after traversing the board and passing GO only apply when the game piece lands on a property.

    If you win multiple awards within the same game, the total of all of these awards is paid no matter how your game ends.

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    Additional Information
    The Game Console provides information and access to additional features:
    • Your current balance in your chosen currency
    • Your total number of credits
    • The denomination in which the game is being played. This represents the value of each credit.
    The Meter Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the denomination in which the game is being played, the number of credits paid if a win occurred, and the number of credits bet on the last/current proposition.

    MONOPOLY © 2004 Hasbro. All rights reserved.
    Monopoly is a registered trademark.
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    Last modified 09 August, 2007